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I read an interesting tweet from @fituniverse yesterday that posed the question;

‘If you could pick only 3 exercises to do, what would they be?’

This got me thinking about the almost endless list of moves out there that can be performed. Firstly I asked myself what would I want the exercises to do for me? Would I just choose 3 exercises based on their ability to help with my aesthetic look, or would I decide on 3 more functional exercises that would help with the sports that I undertake?

So before I tell you what I decided on, ask yourself those very same questions? Would you choose some functional TRX movements to cover you for all eternity, would you go oldschool and rely on the classic bodybuilding exercises or would you throw in a couple of wild cards simply because you find them the most enjoyable?

So here are mine!

– Clean and Jerk
– Pull-ups
– Bench Press

Now the reasons for these! My first choices were originally, Barbell Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press or the big 3 as they are better known as! My reason for changing from these classic lifts (which a fair amount of @fitnuniverse’s followers on facebook chose) became fairly simple for me. In answer to my questions earlier, I think I wanted the best of both. As an amateur sportsman I always strive to get better and better at my chosen sports (in the most part inline hockey and football or soccer for my non European friends) whilst maintaining a good physique. So this is why I included the clean and jerk. This movement really is one of the finest exercises to grace the gym floor! It is a fantastic exercise to produce fast gains in strength, power and size. Hitting the legs, back, abs, arms, shoulders and traps in one movement, the clean and jerk is the big daddy of Olympic lifts and as such is number one in my list of top exercises!

The pull-up is included in my list for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Pull-Ups are one of the hardest exercises to do well for more than about 15 reps for most people. I have only ever seen one guy go into a gym and do multiple sets of massive numbers of repetitions! As such he was aptly nicknamed the ‘Pull-Up man.’ The Pull-Up is one of the finest exercises that showcase strength to bodyweight ratio. It’s also an exercise that requires nothing but a bar, ledge, tree trunk etc and yourself! If you want to achieve that magical V taper that most men look for then pull-ups should be a staple part of your workout! If you don’t already have this as part of your weekly workout then I suggest you include it from….today!

Finally the Bench Press. I would be surprised if I didn’t see 9 out of 10 guys choose this as part of their ‘magic 3’. The Bench Press is a phenomenal upper body strength builder. Working predominantly the pec major and minor, followed by the triceps and anterior deltoids, this exercise is what generates a lot of our upper body pushing force. It produces great pectoral muscles (which if most guys were being honest are what they want to firm up in order to impress the ladies) whilst despite not appearing so from the outset, is a very functional exercise for many sports and daily activities.

Another added bonus to all of the above exercises is that they all work the core or can be adapted to further work our core. Some guys might choose ab crunches as one of their favourite exercises to do, when in reality you can obtain great abs without ever doing an abdominal crunch!

So these are my top 3, what would you choose if you could only pick 3??